Working for the NHS

The National Health Service (NHS) is the crown jewel of healthcare in the UK and is something that we’re extremely proud of. It provides free healthcare at the point of delivery and is highly regarded around the world as a pioneer in world-class health services and exceptional patient care. The NHS is the largest employer in the UK and the fifth largest globally so there are many advantages to having the NHS on your CV. But, why do people love working for the NHS so much? The opportunity to progress your career: The NHS offers career development opportunities to all staff. You can continually learn from your peers and work your way up to a better salary and more responsibility. Work amongst a diverse workforce: We live in a multi-cultural society and different races, religions, nationalities, and languages are widely welcomed within the NHS. You will have the opportunity to work alongside people from around the world; this will not just boost innovation and creativity, but it will ultimately transform patient care. Great salary and employment opportunities: With one of the most flexible and generous employment packages in the UK, you can expect fair rates of pay, access to training and personal development opportunities and annual salary reviews. Your employer will work with you to identify any learning opportunities which may improve your practice. Take advantage of NHS discounts: Many local and national businesses provide discounts and reward schemes for NHS workers to show their appreciation for the work that you do. Whether you’re looking for low-cost travel deals, restaurant discounts, or even reduced-price haircuts it’s not uncommon to find additional rewards when you present your NHS identification card.