The Easiest Way to Find Qualified Health and Social Care Workers

Migrate is a recruitment platform, that connects hirers with applicants in the simplest way possible.

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Health and social care, and recruitment, are both going through a digital evolution. With this in mind, we’ve created a simple way for employers to meet professional health and social care applicants – whether UK or internationally based.

Our recruitment Platform is a uK first

Through our platform, we'll give you the opportunity to:

Connect directly. 90% of applicants want to connect directly with hirers

Reduce costs. Lower sourcing and marketing costs to redirect savings into nurturing talent.

Simplify things. Simple to use tools make it easier to source and manage applicants.

Employers can access...

Powerful ATS

Whether you’re looking to recruit an individual hire or an entire cohort, our ATS will give employers far more control and visibility. You can easily configure your hiring pipeline to suit your processes, not the other way around.

More Applicants

A single job post has a powerful, yet targeted reach. You set your preferences and Migrate finds applicants that match your preferences. It’s that simple. And, if you’d like, we can even manage the entire sourcing and hiring process for you – all from the one place.

Outsourced Services

Through Migrate, you can outsource your relocations process (pastoral support) and/or compliance to scale-up recruitment and improve applicant experience. Even induction events can be outsourced to us. Our aim is simple, to make hiring as frictionless as possible.


Everyone using our app has direct access to our community section to share tips and advice. As soon as an applicant has accepted an offer with you, connect them to other people within your team to improve engagement and retention. You could even create your own channel!

Nurtured Applicants

Using our app, health and social care professionals support each on their journey, which can reduce some of the day-to-day questions you may get. Applicants can also access our wide range of guides and resources provided by our partners to help them integrate, both professionally and culturally.

Education and Resources

Through our useful resources and partnerships, your applicants are supported with English language testing, professional registration, relocation and getting ready to start with you.