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We're excited to have launched a new candidate-facing app, which includes exciting features
such as a career quiz, bespoke job matches, detailed location information, new profiles
and community questions.
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Migrate - Connecting Healthcare Workers with Employers

Migrate directly connects applicants and health and social care hirers – in one place.

Our NHS is a wonderful place to work, with a wide range of allied health professionals supporting people to live well. But vacancy rates are a national concern, with some areas reporting a shortage of up to 20%.

Those professions in highest demand are: physiotherapists, occupational therapists, radiographers, dieticians and health science services (e.g. pharmacists and bio-medical scientists).

Thankfully, legislation changes and extra funding is giving international recruitment a real boost, making it easier for UK employers to welcome international health and social care professionals.

This is why Migrate exists.

Our platform simplifies the current job search and professional migration process.  Applicants and hirers can connect directly with one another and join a community of likeminded people on the same journey.

Why choose migrate?

Matched Jobs

It's easier to find your dream job.

You have more transparency and control over your search by applying for jobs with employers looking for your exact skills and experience.

Everything in One Place

 Jobs and education resources, and the opportunity for you to connect with peers in our community section – all in one place. Find your dream job, receive discounts and access to courses to develop your skills, and speak to fellow health and social care professionals for support and advice.

FREE and Simple to Use

 Recruitment can be a minefield for applicants. With so many agencies, jobs boards and more it can be difficult to know what the best job is for you. Our technology takes our years of recruitment know how and makes the complicated tasks… simple.

How it works


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Migrate is Also Available...

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Loved by 3,000+ Health and Social Care Professionals
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