What are the Differences Between the NHS Pay Bands?

Working for the NHS
April 1, 2022
What are the Differences Between the NHS Pay Bands?

There are many things that set the NHS apart from other employers – from its impressive pension and benefits to its professional development and training opportunities. Another thing that disguises the NHS from other companies is its pay rates or ‘Bands’. The NHS pay system covers all NHS staff except doctors, dentists, and senior managers. There are nine pay Bands in total, and each has several pay points – staff typically progress to the next pay point on a yearly basis, until they reach the top of their pay Band. There’s also extra pay available to staff who work in high-cost areas, such as London.

The pay Band system works by allocating a point score to each role in the NHS, which then determines the basic rate of salary for that particular role.

Here we’ll share some information about the NHS pay Bands (please note, this information was accurate as of 2018):

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