How Many NHS Hospitals are There in the UK?

Working for the NHS
April 1, 2022
How Many NHS Hospitals are There in the UK?

If you are an overseas healthcare professional considering a new job here in the UK, you’ll probably be curious to find out more about the NHS – the 5th biggest employer in the world – as this is likely to be who you’ll work for.

Another question you may have is how many NHS hospitals there are in the UK. In this blog, we’ll share that answer with you, along with some other information we hope will be useful to you as you begin your UK job search.  

NHS hospitals – how many are there?

Finding the exact amount of NHS hospitals is tricky, however we believe there to be 1,229 hospitals in the UK (correct as of October 2021). This number includes NHS trust-managed hospitals and private hospitals. Unfortunately, there are a number of UK hospitals that have shut down since 2019 – mostly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but also because of staffing and funding issues.

How many NHS England trusts are there?

There are 223 NHS trusts in England - trusts are public sector bodies that provide healthcare services to the NHS and manage the hospitals. This number includes acute, mental health, specialist, and community NHS trusts.

How many Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGS) are there?

CCGS were established back in 2021 as part of the coalition. They are a group of general practices (GPs) that come together in each area to commission the best services for the patients in their local population. They are responsible for most primary, community and hospital care services, which includes emergency care.

How many doctors and nurses are there in the NHS in England?

There are 122,000 doctors and 311,000 nurses (including midwives and health visitors) out of a total workforce of just over 1 million NHS staff. Between March 2010-2019, the number of doctors and nurses rose.

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