How Many Hours is Full-Time in the NHS?

Working for the NHS
April 1, 2022
How Many Hours is Full-Time in the NHS?

The NHS has over 1.3 million staff members and is a very rewarding place to work.

It offers a huge range of exciting opportunities for its staff – it doesn’t matter what part of the NHS you join, you’ll have lots of support and access to its very competitive and flexible benefits package; one of the best offered by any employer in the UK.

This blog will cover a few things about working for the NHS – from how many hours (full-time) you’ll be required to work, to pensions and its work-life balance commitments.

How many hours is full-time in the NHS?

When you’re working for the NHS, your standard working week will be 37.5 hours. You will also be entitled to 27 days of annual leave a year, plus eight general and public holidays. This holiday entitlement will rise to 33 days after 10 years of NHS service.

What is the NHS pension?

The NHS Pension Scheme is a very generous UK pension scheme compared to other employers. Every new NHS employee will be automatically enrolled and fully protected against inflation. You can find out more about the pension contributions, how to transfer a previous pension into the scheme and how to increase your NHS pension, here.

Work-life balance – does the NHS recognise its importance?

The NHS is passionate about supporting its staff to achieve work-life balance. It offers a range of learning and development opportunities for all its full-time and part-time staff, as well as providing extra training too. All staff receive an annual personal review and a development plan to support their career progression.

No matter what team you join in the NHS, you will become part of a talented, passionate group of people who are driven to make a big difference to the lives of patients and their families.

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