This is What's Attracting People to the UK to Work Within the NHS

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April 1, 2022
This is What's Attracting People to the UK to Work Within the NHS

Perks of the job are a big part of the attraction for those looking to relocate to the UK and work within the NHS - according to a recent poll.

44% of respondents to the survey on Migrate’s LinkedIn page said that job benefits, including pension, were a big draw for them, while 50% said their interest in relocating was inspired by the UK lifestyle.

The NHS claims to have one of the most competitive and supportive benefits packages offered anywhere in the UK, including flexible working, annual leave, and career progression.

Here are a few benefits:


Every new employee automatically becomes a member of the NHS Pension Scheme, which features an excellent package of pension benefits - including a tax-free lump sum on retirement - is fully protected against inflation, and guaranteed by the government. To find out more about the NHS Pension Scheme, read more in our blog.

Flexible working

NHS Trusts generally have a number of flexible working arrangements which allow employees to balance work responsibilities with other aspects of their lives. These include Career Breaks, Job Share arrangements, Term Time Only contracts, Annualised Hours, Flexible Hours and Zero Hours contracts.

Lease car scheme

Any member of staff employed by the NHS can apply for a lease car. The cost of the lease, plus insurance, administration and VAT is deducted from the employee’s salary each month.

Housing options

There have been all kinds of schemes available over the years to help NHS staff get on the property ladder, and many mortgage providers offer special rates for keyworkers. The aim of these deals is to help provide stability for those who work hard to protect, and improve their communities. Usually only one applicant on the mortgage application needs to be a key worker to take advantage of available deals.

NHS discounts

All NHS staff are eligible for NHS Discounts from a wide range of goods and services, as well as discounted meals and drinks at participating restaurants. The website provides more details and staff can apply online to gain access to exclusive deals on everything from shopping, travel, and finance, to mobile phone contracts and utility providers.


The Cycle2Work scheme was introduced in 1999 to encourage people to make healthier and more environmentally friendly choices, as cycling is - of course - not only good for your health, but it can also save you time and money.

The scheme allows participants to save between 25-39% on a brand new bike, accessories, and you get to spread the cost over 6-12 months via your salary. Happy biking!

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