International recruitment

We know that moving to the UK for a new healthcare job can be really daunting for some people. That’s why at Migrate we’re here to support you at every step of your relocation journey, and beyond. International recruitment is a great way to widen a company’s talent pool. UK employers will have access to more high-quality candidates to potentially fill your internal vacancies. There’s also the added bonus of diversity – companies with higher levels of diversity tend to be more successful and to have higher revenues. Staff with differing perspectives, experiences, ideas, and characteristics will really enrich your workforce and create a more innovative and creative culture. Diversity is not just about making your company look good but is also about creating real change and including diverse voices. International recruitment really is a fantastic way of boosting diversity in your company. International recruitment is on the radar of most UK healthcare providers, but some are still hesitant to take the leap – they are often worried about whether the processes are complex, of timescales and of course if there are any additional costs to UK recruitment. But actually, there are so many benefits to international recruitment – and this is where Migrate comes in. We simplify the entire international recruitment process through our thriving hiring platform. We’re committed to placing people first. We will do all we can to help overseas healthcare workers to feel happy and at home with their new life here in the UK. We have designated international recruitment consultants that’ll be the main point of contact and provide a wraparound service; on-hand to support in all aspects of the relocation process. Whether it is helping people to register with energy providers in their new homes or navigating the local public transport - we’re here to help. Migrate offers a tailored support service designed to all your relocation needs.