Important Job Hunting Factors for Overseas Applicants

Important Job Hunting Factors for Overseas Applicants

We reached out to our database of international applicants and received over 200 responses about their preferences when searching for a new Healthcare role overseas.

When asked about the most important factor when looking for a job, respondents chose from location, salary, employer, employer’s reputation, non-judgmental peers, employer’s location and the nature of the work itself.

With 212 responses, 30.7% stated that salary was the most important factor. Employer’s reputation was the second most important with 26% of responses, followed by Location (24.1%) and Employer (14.6%).

What’s the salary of a qualified nurse working in the UK?

The current average starting salary for a band 5 nurse in the UK is £24,907 per year (minus tax and pensions). After all deductions, a nurse will ‘take home’ between £1600 - £1800 per month.

It was only in 2018that nursing pay in the UK was increased to the new pay scale after years of nurses fighting for better financial recognition.

How long do international applicants spend looking for a job?

According to our survey, 69.2% of responders search for jobs online. This was followed by searching for jobs on a hiring app (18.7%) and connecting with employers on social media (8.4%).

What are the challenges of professional migration?

‘Understanding the process’ was considered to be the biggest challenge for responders searching for a new overseas role (55.5%), followed by ‘settling in’ to a new home in a new country (22.5%) and the upfront cost of English language (12.4%).

Migrate’s mission is to support healthcare professionals at every step as they take the decision to journey to the UK for work. Through our English language resources, job opportunities matched top references, visa information and relocation support, we’re evolving the job market to make international recruitment far smoother and easier than before.

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