The Challenges of Professional Migration

The Challenges of Professional Migration

We sent out a survey to our database of overseas applicants to find out the challenges they faced with professional migration.

We received over 200 survey responses of which 55.5% selected understanding the process as the biggest challenge in relocating. This figure compared to 22.5% struggling to settle in, and 12.4% finding it difficult to pay the upfront cost of English language exams.

The location, meticulous processing of paperwork’s and pressure on multiple fronts presented international applicants with the least number of challenges in migrating, according to the survey.

What are the challenges of professional migration?

What other challenges are overseas applicants facing?

Covid-19 has been a major challenge facing overseas applicants wanting to migrate to the UK. The virus has disrupted the supply of nurses being recruited to work for the NHS from abroad, mainly India and the Philippines.

International inflow to the UK nursing register in July 2020 showed a drop from approximately 1,000 overseas nurses per month in January 2020 down to less than 100 in March 2020, according to the Nursing Times report.

What plans have been implemented to resolve these challenges?

Establishing the temporary register at the start of the pandemic resulted in thousands of people answering the call to contribute to the emergency Covid-19 response.

Third year undergraduate nursing students have also stepped in to fight the virus and support the workforce.

But despite the hope for the future, the pandemic is far from over and the temporary register will continue for some time to come.

The NHS is now asking thousands of nurses, midwives or healthcare professionals to consider joining the vaccine programme. Tens of thousands have already applied and trained for a vaccination role and are ready to vaccinate.

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