How is Technology Changing the Face of Recruitment?

How is Technology Changing the Face of Recruitment?

Technology in recent years has made it easier than ever to connect people across the world with the same ultimate goals in mind- efficiency, cost-effectiveness and transparency.

There is no denying that the tech world is taking centre-stage in almost every aspect of our daily lives. We can order food at our fingertips, share our lives on social media and become inundated with adverts for a product we discussed with a friend just a few minutes prior. Whilst some aspects can feel intrusive and over-stimulating, defusing our attention from the ‘real world’ we are living in, there is no denying that it can pave the way for great advances that benefit and simplify our lives in so many ways. So how has this impacted on our world?

Technological advancements in many sectors have allowed for companies to break down the geographical and costly barriers holding them back and connect people faster and more efficiently than ever before. This streamlined approach with minimal limitations is made possible by collating relevant data from service users, having the resources available to fulfil a universal goal and having the appropriate connection at the end. Dating apps, for example, can bring two like-minded and perfectly compatible people together in one swipe without them even needing to have had an initial conversation with each other to know that there is a chance that they might have a successful partnership. Purple Bricks revolutionized the house-buying sector by providing buyers and sellers with the resources and tools necessary to complete the purchase without the need for a costly agency meeting them in the middle. Patchwork aims to solve an NHS staffing crisis by supplying hospitals with temporary doctors without the need for a recruitment agency that costs the NHS billions of pounds a year. Instead, energy is focussed on solving the problem at hand by working directly with NHS trusts who commit to their service because they have choice and transparency, whilst saving money. It has, ultimately, become clear that there is an opportunity to evolve the international recruitment sector by connecting NHS and private employers to permanent overseas health care workers.

For years, recruitment agencies have allowed employers to access suitable applicants, whilst paying a premium for this service by acting as a middle-man. Agencies can offer a shopping list of assistance and benefits, and whilst the options are useful, this all equates to high costs, minimal transparency and crossed lines of communication. The effect of this lessens the efficiency of the process, takes value away and makes it more difficult than it needs to be. The use of online jobs boards, social media and aggregators promoting vacancies, sometimes even via the agency, can lead to further confusion about who is advertising the role and the exact details on the position. Whilst technological advancements mean geographical barriers are broken down, mixed messages and high costs made it clear that digitally disruptive techniques and innovative tech enablement were the necessary next steps to take. We needed a more cost-effective, streamlined process with ultimate transparency and choices. With this in mind, we created Migrate.

The first of its kind, Migrate sets the bar for efficient staffing solutions within the healthcare sector by providing all of the support required for employers and overseas applicants in one easily-accessible tool.  As early adopters to the digitally disruptive trend now seeping into the healthcare recruitment industry, Migrate improves the recruitment process from the get-go by making jobs easier to find, providing supportive information and resources, and making the process more personal for the applicants. For job seekers, the candidate experience matters, which is why we have created a user-friendly community for users to seek support and gain valuable advice from others in the same position as them. By enabling integrated support and resources, we can ensure our users that they do not need to go elsewhere. With a wide range of resources and support in place, applicants have all they need at their fingertips. For employers, our IP Applicant Tracking System (Intellectual Property) allows suitable applicants to be streamlined and tracked throughout the tech-enabled process we have built from scratch. Qualified applicants can be selected, shortlisted and interviewed all within the system, making the employer’s job easier, more cost-efficient and focussed. Employers can be assured that the applicants have been supported with educational resources, study materials and information, and have been supported every step of the way with their likeminded peers in our community channels.

To conclude, Migrate have become pioneers of the international recruitment sector by recognising a problem and creating the technology and enablement to solve it. By distributing opportunities globally whilst supporting an ever-stretched healthcare system, this next step to revolutionize healthcare recruitment was necessary in order to pave the way for future advances.

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