How to Become a Social Worker in the UK

How to Become a Social Worker in the UK

If you live overseas and are looking to come and work as a Social Worker in the UK, you probably have a fair few questions about what qualifications and registrations you’ll need. This blog should shed some light on what’s needed to work successfully as a UK Social Worker.

What do UK Social Workers do?

Social Workers play a very crucial role in our society by empowering people to improve their chances in life and supporting them through challenging times. On a daily basis, Social Workers are in a position in which they’re trusted with the welfare of members of the public. Social Workers often work with many different groups including:

- Older people

- Children, some with disabilities

- Teenagers with mental health challenges

- Adults with learning disabilities

- Families at risk of breaking down, and many more

A very important part of the role is developing good, professional relationships with people and their families so you can work together to make positive, lasting changes in their lives.

Where do They Work?  

There are few different places you could work as a Social Worker – you may be based in a hospital, a healthcare centre, a school, or within a team of Social Workers in an office somewhere. Wherever it is that you’re based, you will spend a lot of time out visiting people and their families.

What’s Needed to Become a Social Worker in the UK?

To practise as a Social Worker in the UK, you’ll need to be registered with Social Work England - a regulator for social work in the country (previously regulated by the Health & Care Professions Council); an independent public protection body that sets education and training standards for social workers. Its purpose is to regulate social work in England so that people receive the best possible support whenever they may require it. It’s committed to improving standards through collaboration with everyone involved in social work.

Prior to registering with Social Work England, you’ll need to complete an approved degree in social work. Courses can take 3-4 years, full time, depending on where you completed it.

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