Physiotherapy Jobs in the UK for Indian Workers

Physiotherapy Jobs in the UK for Indian Workers

Like many health and social care roles at present, there’s a large demand for physiotherapists here in the UK.

It’s predicted that 6,700 physios will be needed by 2025 and 9,100 by 2030, to meet the UK’s rising demand for the skillset. At Migrate, we have physiotherapy jobs in the UK for Indian workers. Take a look at them on our website.

Have you ever considered applying for a MSK physiotherapy role? Find out more about this job, in our blog.

If you’re based in India and are considering moving to the UK to continue your work as a physiotherapist, the good news is that job prospects here are good. Most people who become physiotherapists in the UK tend to work full-time for the NHS – find out more about NHS staff benefits – or within temporary contracts, which usually convert into permanent roles, for other UK healthcare providers.

At Migrate, we get a lot of physiotherapy applications from healthcare workers in India. We have put together this blog for Indian physiotherapists who might be thinking about relocating to the UK to progress their careers:

Is the UK Good for Indian Physiotherapists?

Are you in India right now, thinking about moving abroad to further your physiotherapy career? If so, the UK could be a great location to consider. It is rated one of the best countries to relocate to if you’re a physiotherapist; this is due to the UK’s quality of health and social care, and that the profession is taught to a high standard, compared to other countries. In the UK you can expect a good salary, especially if working for the NHS – its pay system is made up of a banding scale – read more about the different NHS pay bands in our blog – but also generous staff benefits, which include its renowned pension scheme, assistance with childcare and housing, flexible working opportunities and a Blue Light Card; providing thousands of amazing discounts online and in-store to NHS staff.

While working for the NHS, there will also be opportunities for professional development and career progression, as well as mental health support (see how our clients Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust prioritise its staff wellbeing).

You can also expect a mild climate, with UK temperatures typically ranging from 9 – 18 Celsius in summer, and 2 – 7 degrees Celsius in winter.

How to Apply for a Physiotherapy Job in the UK, From India

To work as a physiotherapist in the UK, you’ll need to have a university degree in physiotherapy and then to register with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). The other option is to apply for a degree apprenticeship – this will be with a healthcare provider and gives you the chance to earn a living whilst gaining your physiotherapy qualification.

You’ll also need sufficient English language skills to practice physiotherapy safely and effectively in the UK, and so will be required to complete the IELTS exam if you’re from a non-English speaking country. More information on this here.

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