Healthcare professional testimonials

It is so important to us at Migrate that we hear healthcare professional testimonials from the people we place into UK roles. We see these valuable words from applicants as the ‘icing on the cake’ – it let’s us know that the work we put into providing high-quality job search and relocation support really does make a difference to people’s experiences of moving to the UK for a healthcare role. Having these words from applicants allows us to demonstrate our expertise and credibility in the healthcare recruitment world and also lets us know of any areas of improvement we might be able to make to ensure people receive the very best service from us in the future. Over the years, we have supported many international healthcare professionals to find their dream jobs here in the UK. General nurses from India and psychiatrists from Nigeria to mental health nurses from the Philippines and radiographers from Zimbabwe – we’ve supported a wide range of different people with varying skillsets from all over the world. One thing remains the same – everyone finds some element of moving their whole lives to the UK to follow their new job, daunting. We’re proud to provide high-quality support to those relocating to the UK; putting people first and in contact with the necessary services and organisations to make their move as seamless and stress-free as possible. These healthcare professional testimonials are also a great way for people to reflect on their journey so far to becoming a healthcare worker in the UK; any obstacles or challenges they might’ve faced, what they enjoy most about living here and most importantly, any advice they’d give to others who’re right at the beginning of their own relocation journey. These words can be a great comfort to people in their native countries who are still in two minds about looking for a new UK healthcare role – if they can see that, through reading these testimonials, countless others have been there before them, quite often it can be the thing that gives them the push they need to take that exciting leap and begin their relocation journey.