“Migrate Provided me with a ‘Warm and Welcoming’ Feeling.”

“Migrate Provided me with a ‘Warm and Welcoming’ Feeling.”

Rashada White is a Radiographer and CT Technician from Jamaica who has recently secured a radiography role at Alliance Medical Ltd, with our support. Here, she shares her experience of searching for her dream health and social care job in the UK…

“I’ve been a practising Radiographer for the last three years – there’s so much about the job that I enjoy. It’s busy and a varied role, and a field I’m really passionate about.

“The thing I’m most excited about in relocating to the UK is all the new experiences I’ll have. I’m moving from Jamaica, a developing nation, and although I love it here it just doesn’t have the same level of equipment and resources that the UK does. I can’t wait to provide the best care to UK patients and to work with some of the best healthcare professionals in the world too. I’m excited to learn even more about radiography and healthcare in a more general sense.

I was on Instagram one day and saw an advert for Migrate, so I clicked on it and started browsing their Instagram account. When the Migrate app was ready to be downloaded, I was keen to get started and so uploaded the required documents and my relevant information to the app to begin my journey to securing a UK radiography job. Fairly quickly, I came across a role I liked the look of, so I immediately applied for it. Then one day I received a message through the app, saying that I was a shortlisted candidate for the job, and the rest was history!

“My favourite aspect of the Migrate app is the community space – I’ve really enjoyed engaging with it. Everyone chips in and gives good advice about their UK job search and relocation experiences. Being part of this community has allowed me to have the ‘heads up’ about what is in front of me; some useful information on the things I really need to focus on and know about, and the things I don’t. It provided me with a ‘warm and welcoming’ feeling and has encouraged me to continue to take bold steps on my migration journey. I like it a lot.”

“The only challenge I’ve experienced is the sometimes-lengthy waiting process – there was a fair amount of waiting to hear back from UK employers about whether my CV was acceptable or not. A few said that I didn’t have enough experience and so didn’t get shortlisted, which got a bit tedious after a while. So, when I was finally shortlisted for the role with Alliance Medical Ltd, I was so excited (although I didn’t let myself get ‘to excited’ just in case it didn’t happen. But I can happily say it did!). I start with Alliance Medical Ltd at the end of January 2022. They’re just doing pre-employment checks at the moment so I’m waiting to hear back about that. I should be relocating to the UK mid-January, and again, I’m just waiting to hear back from the embassy on this. I’m so excited for my new life in the UK to start in the new year.”

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