“Migrate made my dream of relocating to the UK come true”.

“Migrate made my dream of relocating to the UK come true”.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

“I am Rohin and I’m an occupational therapist who’s just relocated to the UK from India. I’m married and my wife is also an occupational therapist who has secured a job here – she and my son, who is four, will be joining me in the UK in December. It’ll be great to be settled, and all together just in time for Christmas!

“I started my working life in insurance and did that for 3-4 years; however, occupational therapy has always been my main interest and where my passions lie. I was looking for opportunities in the UK to further my occupational therapy career when I came across Migrate on Instagram.”

How long were you an occupational therapist in India? What was it like?

“I was working as an occupational therapist in New Delhi, India for three years; it’s where I graduated.

“The hospital settings in India are pretty much the same as in the UK, however the caseloads were much higher there. In the UK I typically see 3-4 patients a day, in India it was 7-8. I also worked six days a week there instead of five, and the shifts were longer.”

What have been the challenges you’ve experienced whilst looking for a new role in the UK?

“When I first started looking for UK roles, it was just on NHS websites – I didn’t know which area of the UK I wanted to live and work in, and I found it confusing. That’s where Migrate really stood out to me – the job search process was smooth. Once I’d signed up, I just had to upload all my documents to the Migrate platform, which was easy, and then scroll through the relevant jobs. It was all very straightforward.  

“Having a young family, the relocation process can be daunting. However, moving to the UK was surprisingly seamless and pleasant – I managed to do it all in just two months. The support was great and gave me and my family peace of mind.”

When did you start your new role?

“I’ve been working as an occupational therapist at Southampton General Hospital – one of the largest hospitals in Hampshire, UK – since 19th September 2022. I’m proud to say that I’ve completed my first month, successfully!”

Have you enjoyed working with Migrate? If so, why?

“Migrate made the whole process so easy for me. Scrolling through their Instagram posts, seeing all the occupational therapy roles they were recruiting for, and then joining the Migrate community and looking at jobs – it was a very smooth process from start to finish.

“Working with traditional recruitment agencies can be tricky – it’s often hard to connect with the people doing the job-matching, especially when you’re based overseas. At Migrate, it’s different. I was able to speak directly with Migrate staff about the roles available. They guided me through the entire interview process, which made me feel more at ease and in-the-know. I had so many questions in the beginning, and the Migrate staff helped me a lot.

“I felt lucky to have made it through the interview process – Migrate made my dream of relocating to the UK as an occupational therapist, come true.”

What are you enjoying most about your new role in the UK?

“The work/life balance. When I was back in India, several of my friends were members of the Migrate community and had already found new roles in the UK – they spoke about the new work/life balance that they were experiencing and how it was a huge improvement. It was hard to find that balance in India – the shifts were very long, and I knew I needed a change. The shifts in the UK are much better, and I also have generous annual leave entitlement, meaning I have more time to spend with my family.  

“Also, Southampton has some incredible outdoor spaces – so many parks! The mild temperature here means that most weekends I visit Southampton Common. The public transport is reliable too, which makes exploring my new area much easier.  

“I’m currently looking for schools for my son, and an apartment for myself and my family close by – I’m excited for the future.”

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