International Nursing Case Study - Vishnu Prakash

International Nursing Case Study - Vishnu Prakash

We spoke to Vishnu Prakash, a new overseas nurse at Lincoln County Hospital – who works within the A&E department – about the things he looked forward to most about working in the UK.

What made you want to relocate to the UK?

"I worked as a nurse in India for a number of years. I thought to myself, ‘I’m ready for a new challenge in a new place’.

"I really wanted to work somewhere where I could gain more in-depth knowledge about nursing, so two years ago I started looking into it all.

"I completed the required exams and registrations and began the big process of moving to the UK for work. I’ve always wanted to work for somewhere as professional and established as the NHS; I’m really happy to be finally doing it.

"I was keen to experience a different way of working. Where I worked previously – at a hospital in Bengaluru, India – things were really pressured and there was a lot of stress among staff. I’d heard that in the UK there was more support for nursing staff; something I longed for."

How did you find out about Migrate?

"One of my friends, who’d already relocated to the UK for work, put me directly in-touch with a Migrate consultant; they were so helpful right from the beginning. The standard of support they provide is very high.

"Any issues I had – be it with the visa application process, or just questions about how things would work – my dedicated consultant was always right there to help and advise me.

"Whatever I needed, the support from Migrate was in-place, plus, my mind was put at ease at times of uncertainly; these were fairly frequent due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vishnu Prakash

"One time was during the lockdown period in India, as I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to travel and fulfil my dream of working in the UK as a nurse.

"The team at Migrate told me not to worry at all, and within 1-2 days they’d sorted everything out so my relocation process could restart as soon as possible."

What was your experience of relocating to the UK?

"Being South Indian, relocating was not a new thing for me. It’s really common for us to move abroad for work, straight out of studying.

"The only thing I’ve found challenging is the British weather! Now the winter is fast-approaching here, it’s a lot to get used to. It’s just so different to back in India.

"I was very happy and satisfied with the relocation support I received from Migrate. I wouldn’t have changed a thing."

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a new working life in the UK?

"To all my friends and previous colleagues in India; I feel much more at ease working here in the UK.

"There’s so much more in-place to support nursing staff. I love the ways of working in the NHS. I haven’t experienced any tension; people really seem to enjoy their jobs, although it is of course challenging right now because of the virus.

"I came to the UK quickly and smoothly, and this was all down to the Migrate staff, and for that I am very grateful. Simply, I am very happy to be here."

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