Adapting to Life in the UK as an International Nurse

Adapting to Life in the UK as an International Nurse

If you’re an overseas nurse looking for a change in your career, you may well have considered moving to the UK. Even if this has been something you’ve been preparing for for some time, it can still be a daunting prospect, and you might wonder how you’ll get on adapting to a new life in the UK. It’ll be an exciting step in your career no doubt, but there will be a few things you’ll need to have done and to consider before you make the big move.

We’ve created a blog with some advice for overseas nurses, to help you prepare for your new life living and working here in the UK:

OSCE: What Can I Expect?

The Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) is a practical competency exam, to test your clinical and communication skills. You’ll need to complete this, and the Computer Based Test (CBT) to be able to continue your application for registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and to practice nursing in the UK.

The new OSCE exam is made up of 10 stations: four will be linked together around a scenario, four will test your skills, and then two others will assess your values and evidence-based practice.

The fee for taking the new OSCE is £794, and you’ll pay a reduced fee of £397 if you need to resit 7 or fewer stations.

To prepare to take the OCSE, you can read through The Code, and also look through and study from the NMC’s information booklet.

Your new UK employer will likely support you through the OSCE process, which you can ask about during the interview stages.

What’s the British Weather Like?

Typically, the UK gets cool, has wet winters and warm and wet summers. Very rarely do we experience extreme heat or cold – but the weather does tend to be very changeable. The average temperature in the UK is between 6 degrees (low) and 14 degrees Celsius (high) with the hottest month usually being July and the coldest February.

How Will I Make New Friends?

Making friends in a new country can seem like a big challenge. The good news is that, with the UK employing more and more overseas health and social workers each year, you’ll be one of many people who’re relocating and starting a new life in the UK. There are lots of different ways you can meet new people here – take a look at our recent blog for some ideas.

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