6 Ways to Combat Loneliness if you’re New to the UK

June 15, 2022
6 Ways to Combat Loneliness if you’re New to the UK

This week (w/c 13th June 2022) is Loneliness Awareness Week (LAW). LAW began six years ago to raise awareness of people feeling lonely - encouraging them to speak to those they trust about it, openly.

We all feel lonely sometimes, however if you’re an international health and social care worker who has recently relocated to the UK to start a new job, it can be particularly isolating in the beginning. The great news is, like with many things, it gets much easier with time, especially if you actively look for opportunities to connect with, and meet people in your new local area.

In this blog, we have six recommendations of places where you can meet likeminded people if you’ve newly arrived in the UK:

1. Get to Know your Co-Workers.

International recruitment is certainly on the rise in the UK, so the likelihood is that you’re going to work with other overseas health and social care workers who’ve been in a similar situation to you. More often than not, good professional connections can deepen into personal ones, and in no time you’ll be making friends with those you work alongside. You can do this in many different ways – from speaking to a colleague on your lunchbreak or travelling to work together, to using the intranet as a way to reach out to people – if you’re open to making new connections, people will be more likely to reach out to you.

2. Download the Migrate app and Join our Thriving Community.

One of the best things about Migrate is that you’re joining such a supportive community. It’s growing all the time and is full of likeminded health and social care workers. There’s a dedicated space for people to connect, where you can ask and answer questions - you can even create your own Migrate channel! If you haven’t already, download the Migrate app for Android or iOS and join our connected community!  

3. Go to a Meetup.com Event.

Meetup brings people together - it’s an easy way to make friends if you’re new to an area. You can choose to meet people around hobbies you love or topics you’re interested in - sharing your interests whilst having a really good time.  From visiting a museum or trying new food, to going hiking or taking an art class - Meetup is great if you’re looking to meet new people, learn new things and get out of your comfort zone!

4. Take Part in an Airbnb Experience.

Airbnb Experiences is a great way to discover things to do in your local area. From online activities or food and drink experiences, to nature and outdoors or arts and cultural activities all hosted by local people – you’re likely to have a lot of fun and make some new friends.  

5. Move to Shared Accommodation.

You may well have accommodation provided for you for the first few months of your job as you settle in. However, after this time you’ll need to start thinking about where you want to live long-term, and who with. Finding a house or flat that’s a shared living space can be a great way to make a buddy or two, and save some money along the way. You can use websites such as Spareroom.co.uk to begin your search.  

6. Volunteer in your Local Community.

Volunteering is the perfect way to get to know your local area and its communities - expanding your social network. Depending on where you live, you might find that some volunteering activities have waiting lists, but don’t worry, there will always be a charity or organisation that is in desperate need of an extra pair of hands. Check out volunteeringmatters.co.uk to get started.  

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