What Types of Nurses are There in the UK?

What Types of Nurses are There in the UK?

Becoming a nurse in the UK is a very fulfilling career choice. It will provide you with the chance to further your skills and experience, whilst you make a huge difference to NHS patients by giving them the very best care possible.

However, because it is such a broad career, you might need a little more information on the different types of nursing roles available here. This blog explains what some of those roles are and how they differ:

Adult nurse / general nurse. This is a rewarding career choice as you’ll have the chance to really have a positive impact on lots of different peoples’ lives. There’s lots of flexibility within this role, and many opportunities for career growth and training too. From day one, you’ll be observing patients and assessing their needs, whilst delivering appropriate care. Your overall aim is to improve your patients’ quality of life, and you will be required to juggle lots of different priorities throughout your time as an adult nurse / general nurse.  

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Children’s nurse. This is a very varied role. You will be doing everything, from looking after a sick new-born baby to caring for a teenager who has injured themselves falling off their bike. But it’s not just the children – don’t forget about the care, support and assurance the parents of the children will need too.  

Communication is a huge part of being a children’s nurse. Adults are mostly able to express their feelings and concerns, but a child may not be able to do this and so a children’s nurse will need to be good to interpreting a child’s behaviour and reactions to find out what care and support they require.

Mental health nurse. The main purpose of this role is to support people with their mental wellbeing, helping them to recover and to live independent, fulfilling and enriched lives. A crucial skill is to be able to build effective and genuine relationships with people who use NHS mental health services, but also with their families and carers too. From helping someone to take their medication, to supporting people on a psychiatric ward or in a community setting – this role is a varied one, where developing trusting relationships is key.

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Learning disability nurse. In this role, you’d work to provide specialist care and support to those with learning disabilities, and quite often their families and staff teams too. Learning disability nurses play a hugely important role in supporting people to live longer, more fulfilled and independent lives from childhood through to older age.

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