What is a Radiologist’s Salary in the UK?

May 18, 2022
What is a Radiologist’s Salary in the UK?

A Radiologist is a medically qualified doctor that specialises in investigating, diagnosing, and treating diseases and injuries by using radiology exams, which includes x-rays, CT, MRI and ultrasound, plus others. Radiologists perform many interventional operations and run patient clinics as well as taking biopsy samples and prepping patients for surgery.

But what are the different types of radiology in the UK? And, what does a Radiologist earn in the UK?

Types of Radiology

There are many different types of Radiology. Interventional radiology uses pin-hole surgery to treat a variety of conditions; from aneurysms to joint and muscle injuries, in the least-invasive way possible.

Some Radiologists specialise in particular areas such as cardiac, emergency, head and neck, oncology and chest - whereas others prefer to take more of a generalist route in all types of imaging.

Radiologists often work closely with Radiographers – these are the technical specialists that deliver and facilitate most radiological procedures. Find out more about being a Radiographer in the UK, including the qualifications you’ll need. We have Radiography jobs on the Migrate platform. Take a look here.

What is a Radiology Salary in the UK?

The starting salary for a junior hospital doctor (at foundation training level) is £28,243 - £32,691, although you should get paid for any extra hours you work over your contracted 40 hours per week, and also if you work nights. When you move up to trainee (at specialty) level, there’s the option to earn £38,694 - £49,036, and if you’re a specialty doctor, your salary will range form £41,158 - £76,751.

Consultant salaries can start at £82,096 and may rise to £110,683 with 10+ years’ experience.  

What are the working hours?

It depends on what stage you’re at in your radiology career, but junior Radiologists can sometimes work long and unsociable hours, which might include weekends and night shifts. Consultants will find that on-call work will vary depending on the type of hospital you’re based at. However, most Radiologists generally find a good work/life balance as they settle into their roles.

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