Unemployed Kenyan Nurses to be Offered Work in UK Healthcare

Unemployed Kenyan Nurses to be Offered Work in UK Healthcare

Nurses who are unemployed and living in Kenya will now have the opportunity to come and work in UK health services as part of a new deal between the UK and Kenyan governments.

Through this new and exciting arrangement, we can expect to see nurses and healthcare workers from Kenya, who currently are without jobs, given a ‘special route’ to work in the UK for a fixed period of time.

It’s thought that both countries, which have been working closely during the pandemic and have also shared UK vaccine doses, will benefit from the collaboration – mainly from the sharing of knowledge across health services. It’s also a great opportunity for Kenyan healthcare professionals to come and work in the UK – they’ll have access to UK healthcare training, plus other benefits during their time here.

Jane Marriott, the British High Commissioner to Kenya, said:

“Our health partnership with Kenya is30 years old and growing stronger by the month. This new agreement on health workers allows us to share skills and expertise even further and is a fantastic opportunity for Kenyans to work in the UK.”

Our Managing Director Lee Emmett, said:

“Filling workforce gaps in the UK whilst giving the opportunities for shared learning and experiences is a much more sustainable way of international recruitment. It's great to see the UK creating mutually beneficial partnerships with countries such as Kenya. I would hope and expect to see more collaborations like this in the coming months, and years.”

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