The Best YouTube Channels for Overseas Nurses

The Best YouTube Channels for Overseas Nurses

There are over 31 million YouTube channels, so how do you know which are the best vlogs to watch?

We've taken a look at some of the most influential and engaging overseas nursing vloggers out there. Fun and fresh, these are the four overseas nurse vloggers we’d recommend watching.


Victoria Ajadi, shares her experience on her YouTube channel of migrating to work in the UK, from Nigeria. Honest, helpful and transparent, Victoria walks people through a typical day in her life, from early morning commutes to taking COVID-19 tests as part of her 12-hour hospital shift.  

Her vlogs offer viewers a real insight of overseas nursing and practical advice to take on board.


A Ghanaian nurse, Nanella Griselda is a vlogger we’d recommend watching, with engaging video content that covers a range of topics from the cost of living in the UK to passing the IELTS exam.

Gaining thousands of views each month, Nanelle is fun, bold and says it how it is. Her warm personality empowers overseas nurses to kickstart their dream job as a healthcare professional here in the UK.  


A Kenya nurse, Nicy Wangui, speaks honestly about her experience of relocating to work in the UK.

She discusses the benefits of working as a nurse in her home country, Kenya, with the freedoms of making decisions with patients in hospital wards and the opportunity to take time off to see her family.

In the UK, she talks about the variety of paid training sessions available online and the time-consuming process of completing her nursing documents.

But we’d say her perspective on overseas nursing is fresh, honest and helpful.


A Ghana nurse, Rebecca Agyemang, is an engaging vlogger who shares her interesting experience of migrating to the UK.

Rebecca immediately connects with her viewers, talking openly about working on a Covid ward and receiving her first pay check. She even explains the nursing salary bands and the registration process.

Tuning into her channel to learn more about nursing in the UK sounds like a good idea!

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