The 5 Best Healthcare Apps for Overseas Nurses

The 5 Best Healthcare Apps for Overseas Nurses

Today, there are 1.85 million different apps available for users to download. With so many apps out there, it’s no surprise that you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the choice.

In this blog, we’ve done a little research to find some healthcare apps that you may find useful.  

Helpful and stimulating, these are the five best healthcare apps we’d recommend you check out.

Pill Identifier

Nurses have to identify pills and it can be difficult when you don’t have the bottles that they come from and you can’t find any labels for them.

If you end up in this situation, the Pill Identifier app can literally be a lifesaver. The app has a database filled with over 12,000 pills and allows you to identify what they are through imprints, shapes and colours.

Nursing Central

This is another great option for any nurse looking for an all-in-one type of medical reference app.

With Nursing Central, you get over 60,000 dictionary terms and access to 17 million medical journal articles.

The database is constantly being updated and nurses can find the medical term they need or drug quickly on the go.

Nurse’s Pocket Guide

When nurses download Nurse’s Pocket Guide, it can be a lot easier to identify the proper diagnosis for patients. There’s even an option to develop a care plan for the diagnosis.  

Each diagnosis comes with clear definitions, a list of characteristics and related factors, prioritised interventions and much more.

Diseases Dictionary

This medical dictionary handbook can help you look up symptoms, diseases and treatments. 

You can even create a favourites list and bookmark the disease item to your favourites list by clicking on the ‘star’ icon.

Perfect for healthcare professionals, Diseases Dictionary is one you won’t want to miss out on.

Care to Translate

This app is a digital medical translator for healthcare professionals. Language barriers don’t need to be an obstacle for good healthcare.

Offering 25 different languages, Care to Translate offers medically correct information with translations verified by native speakers.

Available 24/7 on your smartphone, it’s one we’d recommend you check out.

Migrate has not checked the accuracy of the information contained within the apps, so please use your own judgement when making use of them.

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