Making Healthier Food and Drink Choices in 2023

April 1, 2022
Making Healthier Food and Drink Choices in 2023

Let’s face it, the beginning of each and every new year brings an influx of healthy lifestyle initiatives – some healthy, and some not-so-healthy or in fact sustainable. This influx is largely due to the indulgences we often experience towards the end of the year before – box upon box of Christmas chocolates, more alcoholic drinks then usual, and being more sedentary than we’d be in the summer months.

January is often a time for reflection and wanting to reinvent ourselves; we try to be healthier and happier, and more balanced for the year ahead.

In-light of this, we’ve put together a blog that details two healthy lifestyle initiatives that we think are some of the best options and could bring a range of health benefits to you if you’re a health and social care professional looking to make some positive changes in your day-to-day life.


We fully appreciate what it can be like during a busy shift on the ward – grabbing a pre-made sandwich meal-deal from the canteen or bringing something quick and easy to work that will travel, fill you up and give you the energy you require. A change you could make is to try eating plant-based food throughout the rest of January, with the inspiration and support of Veganuary. This is a campaign that has inspired many people across the world to give veganism a try; to ditch the meat and diary products and try a plant-based, balanced diet. The initiative is fuelled by not only the health benefits people may experience from eating plant-based – weight loss, reduce risks of heart disease and lowering cholesterol levels, managing diabetes by lowering A1C levels and lowering chances of getting certain types of cancer e.g., such as colon cancer – but also the environmental benefits on the planet. Research shows that an individual cutting meat and dairy products from their diet could reduce their carbon footprint by up to 73%. Adopting a vegan diet can also save a lot of water, as plant foods require way less water to produce, compared to animal products.

Here are some great vegan recipe ideas, for those who would like to take on the challenge for the rest of January – from vegan chilli to roasted aubergine and tomato curry, there are some truly delicious meat & dairy alternative meals here for you to give a try – a lot which would travel well in your lunchbox!

Dry January

We all probably drink a lot more alcohol over the festive period, and sometimes those drinking habits can sneak into the new year. A way for us all to get on top of a healthy drinking pattern as we enter 2023 is by taking part in Dry January – an initiative that started back in 2013 and encourages participants to give up drinking alcoholic drinks throughout the month of January each year – is hugely popular and comes with lots of benefits for those taking part. From brighter skin, generally improved health (65% of people agree)and making the most of your days (due to not being hungover), to having more money to spend - it can be an ideal start of the year for many. Dry January also helps people to drink more healthily for the rest of the year-round too, and boosts levels of wellbeing.

The Try Dry app supports people to give Dry January a go – download it here.

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