8 Ways to Cope with the Changes of Moving to the UK

8 Ways to Cope with the Changes of Moving to the UK

We know that moving to a new country can be daunting. Leaving loved ones behind as you pursue your dream of a career in the UK, it is only normal to have anxieties and worries.

We have collated our top 8 reasons to feel safe in the knowledge that you are making the right decision in moving to the UK:

1. It is easy to keep in touch with your friends and family

UK network providers such as Lebara Mobile and Giff Gaff allow you to purchase SIM cards with unlimited data. This means video-calling and messaging can be used at your disposal to keep in contact with your loved ones. Most buildings, and even public areas, are equipped with WiFi so even if you do not want to use your data, it is easy to stay connected.  

You will also be able to stay in touch with like-minded peers within our app’s community once you have arrived, so you won’t ever feel isolated and alone.

2. You are not alone

9% of the total population of the UK have the nationality of a different country. In the year ending March 2020, 715,000 people migrated into the UK. There will be many people who were once, and still are, going through the same experiences as you are. As you will be able to see within our user community, there are many like-minded people such as yourselves who wish to make the move, or have done so already.

Since 1 in 7 NHS staff report a non-British nationality, it is clear that the talent and skills you offer are highly recognised and appreciated within healthcare settings.

3. The UK can offer so much

The UK is at the forefront of arts, culture and sporting events. With major cities such as London, Manchester and Liverpool hosting large-scale theatre shows and international sporting events there is always something to see and do. Due to our reliable and efficient transport network, you can easily visit smaller towns and villages and sample true British culture on a smaller-scale. Visit Britain can give you some brilliant ideas for what to do!

4. Your family can join you

Working in the UK gives you the opportunity to sponsor your family to come and join you.

If you wish for them to join you straight away, they can apply as dependents whilst you are on your Skilled Worker Visa. Alternatively, once you have lived in the UK for 5 years, you can apply for Indefinite Leave To Remain. As a permanent, settled UK resident this will make it much easier for your family to join you.

5. There are services to help you adjust to change

If you are struggling, there are many helplines and websites where you can voice your fears and worries whilst having a friendly ear to talk to.

MIND is a fabulous charity that works closely with the local community you live in, you can find all the contact details here: Local Minds | Mind, the mental health charity - help for mental health problems. Reach out within your community to find someone to talk to- either within our Migrate community or on more localised Facebook groups.

6. Proximity to mainland Europe

Whilst an island nation, the UK is only a short flight away from mainland Europe, opening up a new world of culture and adventures. Whilst Heathrow and Gatwick are our two main international airports, a number of localised domestic airports also offer routes to beautiful destinations in Europe such as Spain, Portugal and Italy. Alternatively, you can cross the channel on the Eurostar or the Channel Tunnel, which takes just 20 minutes to take you to France.

7. Many opportunities for skilled workers

As a skilled health professional, you will always be valued for what you do. There are great opportunities to climb the career ladder and ensure stability and security. With programmes designed for workers that wish to re-train in a different area, and numerous vacancies in our NHS, there will always be an opportunity to progress and push yourself further.

8. Generous employee benefits

Working for the NHS will give you a fair and transparent pay structure, as well as a generous pension scheme and sick pay. You will be entitled to annual leave, as well as the option to request flexible working hours to suit your home life.

You will also have access to health and wellbeing support and advice.

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