6 Best Healthcare Audiobooks to Download in 2021

April 1, 2022
6 Best Healthcare Audiobooks to Download in 2021

There's nothing like cosying up on the sofa and downloading a gripping audiobook.

With Audible becoming more and more popular as millions subscribe to the online audiobook and podcast service every year, it's no surprise that people are looking for the latest titles to add to their library.

We've compiled a list of the six best audiobooks for healthcare workers to read this year.

1. This is going to hurt

The million copy best seller tells all of the life of a junior doctor, making life and death decisions and working 97-hour weeks.

For GMC trained doctors looking to migrate to the UK, Adam Kay's This is Going to Hurt provides an honest account of his time on the NHS frontline.

A laugh-out-loud diary that details all you wanted to know - and a few things you didn't - about life on and off the hospital ward.

2. A Nurse's Story

A thought-provoking tale of A Nurse's Story in a busy A&E department during the Covid-19 crisis.

Working in A&E is a demanding job, but nurse Louise Curtis loves it.

She was newly qualified as an advanced clinical practitioner, responsible for life or death situations about the patients she saw, when the unthinkable happened and the country was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

3. The Courage to Care

Nurses are crucial to the NHS workforce. We all benefit from their expertise in hospitals, and beyond.

In The Courage to Care best-selling author Christie Watson reveals the remarkable extent of nurses’ work. A community mental-health nurse choreographs support for a man suffering from severe depression. A teen with stab wounds is treated by the critical-care team; his school nurse visits and he drops the bravado. A pregnant woman loses frightening amounts of blood following a car accident; it is a military nurse who synchronises the emergency department into immaculate order and focus.

Christie realises that it is patients and their families who show incredible strength in the most challenges circumstances. We're all deserving of compassion, and as we share in each other's sufferings, we can find the courage to care.

4. How to Treat People

Molly Case is a teen who is admitted to hospital for an operation that will safe her life. Nearly ten years later, she finds herself in the operating theatre again, this time as a trainee nurse.

In How To Treat People, Molly brings together these extraordinary moments, when the professional and the personal become inseparable.

She introduces us to patients with whom we share the pain, the fear but also the life-affirming moments of illness. And when her father arrives on the high dependency unit of the hospital where Molly works we realise, most profoundly, that she is no longer there just to alleviate the patient's suffering but to be a part of it.

5. The Language of Kindness

Working as a nurse for 20 years, Christie Watson takes us from life to death and from A&E to the mortuary.

The Language of Kindness is an astonishing account of a profession defined by acts of care, compassion and kindness.

We watch Christie as she nurses a premature baby who has miraculously made it through the night, we stand by her side during her patient's agonising heart-lung transplant and we hold our breath as she washes the hair of a child fatally injured in a fire, attempting to remove the toxic smell of smoke before the grieving family arrive.

6. Quieting Your Brain: 15 Techniques and Effective Habits for Stress Management in Everyday Life

Do you ever struggle with those inner demons and spiral down a path of negativity?

You can discover how to silence your inner critic, counteract those anxious thoughts and learn to rewire how your mind works.

Adesh Silva skips the fluff common in most self-help books and shows you powerful techniques of how you can hack your biology and your mind in Quieting Your Brain.

This book will equip you with how to effectively deal with stress and other mental health issues in your everyday life.

We recommend all healthcare workers take advantage of this one.

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