5 Ways to Prioritise your Health After Relocating

5 Ways to Prioritise your Health After Relocating

New home, new job, new country - it’s easy to see how your health and wellbeing could take a backseat as you focus on adjusting to your new life in the UK.

However, a healthy body and mind will make the transition much easier, and give you the great start that you deserve. So, once the paperwork is done, and your move is complete, here are 5 ways to prioritise your health in your new home:

Fuel the body

Relocating can be stressful on the body, so make sure you’re prioritising a good mix of food with plenty of nutritional content, to give you the energy you need.

If you know you’re heading into a busy couple of work days, get prepared and cook up a batch of food that can be stored and reheated to create fast and easy meal times.

Most villages have a small supermarket that should be able to provide all the basics you’ll need day-to-day. While each country is slightly different, the UK has a really good availability of 24-hour supermarkets, often several in each town, so picking up food before or after shifts shouldn’t be a problem, though were commend planning ahead as much as possible.

There are also fantastic independent cafes and restaurants tucked away in most towns and villages, which are great to visit on days-off for a change of scenery, and a break from the recipe books, so once you have the keys to your new home, take a walk and explore what’s nearby.

Finally, it goes without saying (though we all need a reminder sometimes) that a healthy diet is a varied diet, so be sure to head online if you find yourself stuck in a food rut, and need some inspiration. When it comes to food blogs, they don’t come much more British than BBC Good Food - an incredible source of recipes and food inspiration. Whether you’re whipping up a family dinner, hunting for a quick dinner recipe for one, or chucking something in the slow cooker, this site has it all - and it’s completely free.

Keep moving

Staying active is the best way to keep your mind and body sharp, and the UK is a truly beautiful and scenic place to explore whenever you have the chance.

Firstly the weather is rarely too hot, so as long as you’re not opposed to a light drizzle, there’s not much to stop you pulling on the walking boots or trainers and heading out most days.

Visit Ramblers or Walking Britain to find terrific walks close to you, wherever you’re located in the UK. It’s also well worth a visit to the National Trust website to see what locations are on your doorstep if you fancy combining a good walk with beautiful scenery, and some fascinating British history.

Most towns will have gyms, with plenty of group classes, if that’s your thing. And for those days when you really can’t bear to leave the house, there’s a huge variety of Hiit, Yoga, and full body training videos available on YouTube. We recommend subscribing to PE with Joe Wickes aka The Body Coach (this guy got many of us through lockdown!), Yoga with Adriene, and Chloe Ting.


Prioritise your wellbeing

It’s never been more clear that taking care of our mental health and wellbeing can have a huge impact on our lives, and ensure that we’re thriving as well as surviving.

Start small, with the home you’re in. Whether you’ve moved to a busy family home, or a quiet one-person flat, make the space your own. Budget stores like The Range and Dunelm are available in most towns, and have everything you need to help personalise your property and make you feel at home, so take the time to hang art and pictures, and invest in cosy cushions and knick-knacks.

Try to make a little time each day for some quiet time with your thoughts, whether that’s in the form of a meditation, or a coffee in the garden. Apps like Headspace and Calm feature a whole host of fantastic meditations, whether you’re looking for a quiet mid-afternoon boost, or an unwinding sleep cast.

Finally, making the effort to stay connected with family and friends is essential when moving so far away, so memorise the time differences early, and plan good times for phone and video calls. Also, invest in your new community, making time for coffee with colleagues, passing the time with local shop owners, and chatting with neighbours over the fence.


Get enough sleep

Sleep is where everything good happens - our bodies repair, and our minds process -so it’s important to ensure you’re prioritising getting rest when you need it.

Make sure your bedroom is a peaceful space where you want to be, whether that’s for a full eight-hours a night, or grabbing a quick nap before a night shift. Get comfortable bedding and change it every week, as nothing feels quite as good on weary bones as fresh sheets. Try to keep the bedroom a TV-free zone, invest in some great smelling candles or oil burners, and consider a blackout-blind or curtains to help with daytime sleeping. Pop a book on the nightstand (for those evenings where sleep is more elusive, and to stop you reaching for your phone), and pour yourself a lovely cup of tea an hour before heading to bed.

Register with a GP

Anyone in the UK is able to register for free with a GP practice and receive NHS primary medical services free of charge. It’s important to ensure you register with a GP, wherever you’re going to be based, so that you can access non-urgent healthcare if you need it.

GP surgeries are usually the first point of contact if you have a health problem. They can treat many conditions and give health advice, as well as referring you to other services.

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